Sunday, April 6, 2014

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

     I mentioned this Legal Defense group in class the other day, and even though it is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization it is helping many farmers prevail against big corporate farmers and unfair/unconstitutional governmental laws that have been thwarting small farmers right to the pursuit of happiness via organic farming including small milking operations.  They work pretty much pro bono and are supported primarily by membership... check it out!

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Item1Farm Bill Victories Worth Celebrating 
Agricultural Act of 2014 Now Public Law             
It's official, the Agricultural Act of 2014 (a.k.a. the Farm Bill - HR 2642; now Public Law 113-79) was signed into law on February 7, 2014 after more than two years of congressional debate.  

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the Farm Bill continues the same programs that favor large-scale, chemical-intensive, mono-cropping and commodity agriculture; however, there is also some good news.

There are gains on these specific issues raised in various action alerts sent by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and other groups...more 
Item2Precedent Setting Agriculture Bill Signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe!
Press Release 
"Boneta Bill" Cuts Regulations, Frees Family Farms Up to Prosper
Falls Church, VA - (March 10, 2014 - Globe Newswire)Virginia Senate Bill 51 (SB51), a landmark bill creating more economic opportunities and decreasing regulations for Virginia's family farms was signed last Thursday by Governor Terry McAuliffe. The new law takes effect July 1, 2014.
The law will increase consumer access to locally produced food as well as giving farmers new markets and a...more 
Item3Join Us in Sowing Seeds of Food Freedom & Choose Your Gift! 
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"We sell organic lettuce and 
without the kind and generous 
help of FTCLDF, we would have literally been sprayed out of 
business by a neighbor." 

Randy & Lee Hoovey 
Let Us Farm 
Together we stand.
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is doing what individuals can't do or finance alone, like:
            • Paying for expensive litigation to save small farms and their communities
            • Having attorneys answer "farmer 911" phone calls in the wee hours of the morning
            • Suing the FDA and USDA over unfair small farm regulations
Join a healthy, active, thriving food freedom community  
that is focused on setting our out-of-whack food system straight.  
Sow the seeds of food freedom now for our health and for the  
health of generations to come!
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Authors Jere & Emilee Gettle run a farm, vegan restaurant and a seed store in Missouri

1. Polyface YOU Workshop with Joel Salatin, 3-DVD set
2. Cultured Food for Life by Donna Schwenk
3. The Ancestral Table cookbook by Russ Crandall 
4. Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe, NTP  
5. The Heirloom Life Gardener by Jere & Emilee Gettle
6. Paleo Ebook Bundle by Robb Wolf 

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Keep Raw Milk Flowing
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, defends the rights and broadens the freedoms of family farms and artisan food producers while protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods. Learn more About Us or check out the FTCLDF 2012 Summary.

Membership benefits include the possibility of representation in court; the Fund typically pays for all court costs. The Fund is not an insurance company and cannot guarantee representation on all legal matters. Your membership fees and donations help to keep local food sources available and preserve family farms facing unjust enforcement actions.

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Donations to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund are always appreciated though not tax-deductible. Prefer to make a tax-deductible donation? Go to for information about "public interest litigation" (PIL).

Questions? Contact us by email at or call 703-208-FARM (3276).    
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