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5 Vertical Gardens/ Vegetable Garden Ideas

5 Vertical Gardens :: Vegetable Garden Ideas

Last weekend, I was just browsing around for vertical vegetable gardening ideas. Encouraged by how well my own veggies are taking root and growing, more vertical vegetable garden ideas are needed!!! I want to grow more veggies!
vertical gardening ::
Today I’m sharing 5 vertical vegetable garden ideas with you. They are quite diverse. I am sure that one or perhaps several ideas will suit your garden situation:
  • If you have land, consider that cucumber trellis!!!
  • If you lots of land consider that gorgeous gourd canopy.
  • If you are a balcony healthy organic vegetable growing ‘activist’ that try out the mesh hanging basket to grow an assortment of vegetables and herbs. It is so cute and which has excellent drainage!
Here they are, in no particular order of favor.

Colander Hanging Vegetable & Herb Garden
Great way to recycle some unused kitchen utensils and tools. Go find your old strainers from the back of your kitchen cabinets, or do the rounds at garage sales. Fabulous in the garden as a vertical garden holder. Well, perhaps this IS my favorite idea then…. Love it!
vertical vegetable garden herbs ::

Vertical (vegetable) garden in window frame
These are not vegetables but could be vegetables. It’s a gorgeous design. Of course, by a landscape architect. Leave it to them to make your garden functional and pretty!
vertical garden in vintage window frame

Vertical Vegetable Garden with Pumpkins, Gourds & Kumquats
This vertical vegetable garden of gourds and pumpkins is just gorgeous! Who would not want to have a fairy party under this exquisite canopy of healthiness ??!!  Perhaps hang a mosquito net under the vegetables just to avoid them falling by accident onto anyone’s head. I
Found here, but don’t think this is the actual maker of the photo:

Vertical Vegetable Trellis
as shading for Adjacent Vegetable Bed:
This cucumber trellis, when tilted rather than upright, can provide shade for shade-needing vegetables underneath the trellis.
.cucumber trellis :: vertical gardening ::
Vertical Vegetable Gardening Trellis
Last but certainly not least! This rose aka vegetable garden trellis is not only to-live-for so pretty, it comes with a complete tutorial on how to make it. Gorgeous. Your gourds as well as here climbing roses will love this pretty trellis. Sturdy as well. What’s not to love!?
vertical garden :: garden trellis ::

Be sure to read out other vertical vegetable garden how-to tutorial (with video) which explains how to recycle plastic bottles and make your hanging vertical vegetable garden, that’ so amazingly perfect, it can even be hung indoors. Go check it out!

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