Tuesday, May 6, 2014


     Our Thursday night class demonstration by Robert (aka bobby ward) gave us a preview into his new and exciting venture using Hugel Kultur in his garden.  Hugel Kultur is a word of German/Austrian origin  meaning hill or mound... therefore it relays to us the idea of mound culture.  The jest of this activity as it relates to our gardens is simply placing old wood, preferably dry, in a trench, and then layering it with green leaves, grass or other similar material then dirt and finally compost and mulch.  As I did a little perusing through the matrix of the internet I learned that some sites state that the mound performs far better when the wood (logs) is stood on its end, thus allowing the log to act like a wick in moving the moisture more proficiently upward.  I could go on and on about Hugel Kultur, but I thought a picture or a bunch of pictures would be worth a thousand or thousands of words.

You can just view the following site or click on the many pictures and travel as far as you would like to go.... have fun!

Click on the following link and if doesn't take you straight to the site a smaller link will appear, click that and enjoy. 


Thanks Bobby Ward for a great time in your garden.

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